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Pics from an astronomer living in Australia

David Mancini is an Australian OVNI-M user. He explains « That is how you will see the Cosmos through the OVNI eyepiece with naked eye. »

  • Top left : Orion Nebula - Messier 42
  • Bottom left : Tarantula Nebula - NGC2070
  • Top right : Horsehead Nebula – Barnard 33
  • Bottom right : Helix Nebula - NGC 7293

Congratulations to David. Using a 12" Dobsonian SkyWatcher telescope and a Google Pixel 3 smartphone, he took these stunning photos through his OVNI Night Vision eyepiece. (+ Optolong L-Extreme filter) Just snapshots, no specific exposure time.

⚠ The bluish tint is due to the smartphone's white balance.

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