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These accessories have been tested, approved and optimized for use with OVNI-M.

OVNI Universal Afocal Adapter

A must-have to use the OVNI-M in afocal with most traditional eyepieces. 

An excellent complement to prime use.

Price 39€

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OVNI Smartphone holder

The smartphone holder makes it easy to use a smartphone to take photos or videos with OVNI-M.

Reserved only if you want to take photos/videos with a smartphone.

Price 19€

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OVNI Filter adapter

Essential to use a 1.25" and 2" H-alpha filter when the OVNI-M is hand-held to reveal huge nebulous areas such as Barnard's Loop, NGC7000, NGC1499... in their totality.

Price 35€

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OVNI Nebula Filter

Basic filter par excellence for the observation of nebulae. 

If you should have only one filter, this is the one to choose !

The 7nm wide bandwidth is centered on the H-alpha line at 656.3 nm.

Price 169€ (1.25") and 249€ (2")

1.25" and 2" Combo Set = 399€

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OVNI Dark Sky Filter

This filter is suitable for deep sky observation under a slightly to heavily polluted sky.

Not essential but highly recommended if you observe under a sky where the Milky Way is not or  or only slightly visible.

It allows you to darken the sky background to highlight even more the non-nebulous objects such as galaxies, star clusters, the Milky Way ...

Price 89€ (1.25") and 129€ (2")

1.25" and 2" Combo Set = 199€

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