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The accessories below (main and secondary) are strictly reserved for OVNI Night Vision customers. Free shipping when ordered with an OVNI-M.

Check out our official Youtube channel and the OVNI-M user guide to learn how to use them.

⇩ Main accessories for OVNI-M ⇩

This list includes OVNI Night Vision accessories that we recommend the most.

OVNI Afocal Adapter

A must-have to use the OVNI-M in afocal with most traditional eyepieces. 

An excellent complement to prime use.

Price 49€

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OVNI Camera Adapter + lens 12mm

The ideal accessory to use an astronomy camera or a DSLR with a OVNI-M.

Recommended for people practicing astrophotography, astronomical research (photometry, astrometry...).

It has a T2 (42mm/M42) male and female slider.

Includes 12mm F/1.4 lens.

Price 99€

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OVNI Smartphone holder

The smartphone holder makes it easy to use a smartphone to take photos or videos with OVNI-M.

Reserved only if you want to take photos/videos with a smartphone.

Price 25€

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OVNI Filter adapter

Essential to use a 1.25" and 2" H-alpha filter when the OVNI-M is hand-held to reveal huge nebulous areas such as Barnard's Loop, NGC7000, NGC1499... in their totality.

Price 35€

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OVNI Nebula Filter

Basic filter par excellence for the observation of nebulae. 

If you should have only one filter, this is the one to choose !

Its 7nm DualBand is centered on the OIII and H-alpha wavelenghts.

Price 199€ (1.25") and 279€ (2")

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OVNI Dark Sky Filter

This filter is suitable for deep sky observation under a slightly to heavily polluted sky.

Not essential but highly recommended if you observe under a sky where the Milky Way is not or  or only slightly visible.

It allows you to darken the sky background to highlight even more the non-nebulous objects such as galaxies, star clusters, the Milky Way...

Price 89€ (1.25") and 139€ (2")

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OVNI Moons & Planets Filters

This set consists of an Ultraviolet (UV) 360nm filter and a Methane (CH4) 889nm filter in 1.25".

Visual observation of the planets Jupiter and Saturn in the Methane wavelength is now possible. This Methane filter (FWHM 8nm) brings out details invisible to the human eye.

The Ultraviolet filter (FWHM 80nm), for example, provides a view of Venus and the Moon (also possible with the Methane filter).

These filters can also be used for astrophotography with a camera or simply a smartphone.

Price 249€



This list includes selected accessories chosen for their great performance in association with an OVNI-M. 

Starizona Nexus / Apex-ED

These 2 modified versions are specially designed by Starizona for OVNI-M / OVNI-B users.

The Nexus is a 0.75x focal length reducer and coma corrector (for Newtonian telescopes). For example a Dobsonian at F/4 becomes an F/3.

The Apex-ED (Short or Long versions) is a focal reducer 0.65x and field flattener (for Ritchey-Chrétien, Meade ACF, APO refractor). For example a refractor at F/5.5 becomes an astrograph at F/3.6.

Price for the Nexus or the Apex-ED (S or L) 599€.

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Baader BBHS Diagonal

Contrary to traditional diagonals (dielectric...), the Baader BBHS diagonal has high performance in the visible spectrum (400nm to 700nm) as well as in the infrared (beyond 700nm). This is possible thanks to its silver coating.

OVNI-M and OVNI-B are sensitive to wavelengths between 390nm and 1000nm with a peak intensity in the near infrared. This diagonal will maximize the visible details on the whole spectrum of sensitivity of the OVNI-M.

Price 479€.

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Cosmicar Filter Adapter

This adapter allows to use 50,8mm (2") filters on a Cosmicar 75mm lens.

Price 19€.

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