⇩ OVNI-M (Monocular version) ⇩

OVNI-M is the only night vision eyepiece in the world designed for astronomy!!! Its 26mm focal length and 31.75mm/1.25" barrel allows it to be used with all telescopes. With a weight of 240g and a height of 10cm (excluding the eyecup), it revolutionizes the observation of the sky by benefiting from the most recent technological advances designed in our workshop.

Made in France, the OVNI-M integrates an intensifier tube « Astronomy grade GEN3 Thin-Film » which is one of the many innovations of OVNI Night Vision. Like any eyepiece, it can be used at prime focus thanks to its 31,75mm /1.25" barrel (with thread for filters) of any telescope. Very flexible, it is even possible to use it in afocal, i.e. on a traditional eyepiece, thus acting as a focal reducer (see photo gallery below). This makes it possible to observe the deep sky with a very wide field of view. Conversely, it can be combined with a barlow to increase the magnification. Without forgetting to use it by hand (like a pair of binoculars), with the possibility of adding camera objectives. The OVNI-M has functions that are indispensable for astronomy, such as autogated, manual gain control and a white phosphor tube (very natural colour).


★ Autogated to protect the tube in case of high light intensity.

★ Manual gain control to reduce or eliminate scintillation (mainly when using a filter).

★ Diopter adjustment to adapt to the sight of each user (myopic, astigmatic, spectacle wearers, everyone can observe).

★ Flexible and 360° rotatable eyeguard to adapt to the morphology of each astronomer.

Included accessories

★ 1.25" barrel with thread for filters (optional 2adapter)

★ multi-coated lenses

★ C/CS mount adapter (c-mount)

★ double thread (1/4 UNC) for tripod use

★ 26mm F1.2 front lens

★ tube test report, safety lanyard, travel bag, 1 battery CR123

★ optional, optimized accessories are available here

OVNI-M is available in 3 versions. FOM is the main reference measure of an intensifier tube and all OVNI-M are delivered with a test report of the measures such as FOM, SNR, EBI, Gain, Sensitivity, Resolution...

« Astronomy grade » tubes are an innovation from OVNI Night Vision guaranteeing that each tube is manufactured according to our performance criterias perfectly optimized for astronomy.

OVNI Night Vision has authorizations and export permits to ship to the following countries : European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. For shipping to countries other than those listed above, please inform us before ordering.

⇩ Some examples of OVNI-M use ⇩

It is possible to add filters, barlows, focal reducers... directly on the 1.25" barrel of the OVNI-M.

About us

Prime focus

With a reflector telescope


With an eyepiece + afocal adapter

Hand-held use

Barrel 31,75mm (1.25") and C-mount

Prime focus

With a refractor telescope


With a zoom eyepiece + afocal adapter

Hand-held use

With a 75mm F1.4 camera lens

Prime focus

By adding a barlow/powermate


By adding a filter wheel + afocal adapter

Hand-held use

With front lens (included) and 1.25" or 2" filter


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