OVNI-M and OVNI-B are manufactured in France with the most powerful intensifier tubes in the world, called « Astronomy Grade GEN3 thin-film ». Designed in our workshop, these « Astronomy Grade GEN3 thin-film » tubes are one of the many OVNI Night Vision innovations meaning that each tube has been specifically developed for astronomy.

Our intensifier tubes are available in the versions FOM2100, FOM2400, FOM2600. The FOM (Figure of Merit) is the main measure of performance. It is the minimum FOM because it will automatically be higher. For example a FOM2100 means that the tube will have a FOM equal or superior to 2100. Knowing that a FOM2100 is exceptional and that a FOM2100 is simply the best.

Also, please note :

 ★ each OVNI-M and OVNI-B is delivered with a tube datasheet. FOM is not the only measurement. It will directly impact other values such as SNR, EBI, Luminous gain, Luminous Sensitivity, Limiting Resolution... Some values are more important than others so each tube is manufactured according to our own performance criterias in order to be perfectly optimized for astronomy.

★ all our tubes have 2 essential features for astronomy. The manual gain control to reduce or eliminate scintillation (mainly when using a narrow bandwidth filter) and the autogated feature to protect the tube in case of high light intensity.

★ our intensifier tubes are clean tube, meaning without visible black spot seen on the majority of the civil and military tubes. 

★ all our tubes have a white phosphor, perfectly adapted to astronomy since it has a a neutral and natural color, much better than the green phosphor (delivering a greenish tint during observation).

With the help of the video below, the operation of the intensifier tube can be explained in 3 steps:

  1. The photons composing the ambient light (visible and near infrared) are transformed into electrons by the photocatode.
  2. The MCP (MicroChannel Plate) multiplies electrons by thousands. About 70,000 times more.
  3. The generated electrons will hit the white phosphorus and be transformed into photons in the same original alignment before passing through the eyepiece.


OVNI Night Vision manufactures in France night vision eyepieces for amateur and professional astronomers (space agencies, observatories, space domain awareness...). We have authorizations and export permits to ship to the following countries : European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. For shipping to countries other than those listed above, please inform us before ordering.