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Night Vision + Smartphone by Mort (USA)

Night Vision + Smartphone = outstanding photos taken from Michigan by the American astronomer Mort Harwood (user of an OVNI-B).
This technique which consists of taking photos with the Night Vision eyepiece and a smartphone is called Phonetography. Only a few seconds of exposure and no processing.
"Some of you might know that one of my hobbies for the past 20+ years has been astronomy. Very dark skies has been one of the many great things about moving to the geographic center of the Huron National Forest in 2022! Though I don't do traditional astrophotography, about a year ago I discovered a life-changing technology (a red-infrared sensitive image intensifier that replaces a traditional eyepiece in your telescope) which I've been using to view in real time -- and quickly capture images of -- cool objects in the universe. 30 seconds to a few minutes is all it takes to get each image, and though the monochrome images aren't as glorious as traditional color astrophotos, the time commitment is way less, as a single high-quality astrophoto might involve imaging all night (even multiple nights) on a single object, then spending day(s) post-processing the image on the computer. Anyway, I've really been enjoying this, it's just my speed. So I decided why not share just a few of the images I've captured since moving to the new house here in northeastern Michigan!"

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