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Review from an American OVNI-B user

Mort Harwood is an OVNI-B user living in Chicago (USA). He wrote a review about his NV binoviewer that you can read here : 


Here is an extract : "I was out all night last night with both scopes on what might have been the most gorgeous June evening ever! The views using my OVNI-B night vision binoviewer (OVNI NightVision) were magical, truly stunning! And the ergonomics of both scopes is fantastic, such a pleasure to use! I was hoping and expecting the scopes to be good but my expectations have all been exceeded! Top shelf all the way.

I used my OVNI-B at prime focus, with two different configurations: first with my Tele Vue Paracorr where the OVNI-B is working at f/3.45, and second replacing the Paracorr with a Starizona Nexus 0.75x reducer where the OVNI-B is working at f/2.25. Both configurations are absolutely stunning in both the 8-inch and 16-inch, bright and crisp across the field of view, no scintillation at all, looks basically like a photograph. Emission nebulae, supernova remnants, planetary nebulae were bright and in-your-face, dark nebulae were very pronounced, globular clusters were popping, even the Whirlpool Galaxy was way better than I've ever seen previously."

The OVNI-B binoviewer has completely transformed his stargazing experience.

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