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Spot Santa's sleigh in the sky tonight

Merry Christmas to all astronomers.

We wish you clear skies tonight and hope you catch a rare Santa Claus spotting with your OVNI-M / OVNI-B.

A few recommendations :-)

  • observe handheld at 1x or plug your OVNI eyepiece in your telescope in prime mode for higher magnification
  • if you're observing from a light-polluted area the OVNI Dark Sky filter will help for better contrast.
  • to take pics use the OVNI Smartphone Adapter or the OVNI Camera Adapter

Additional recommendations from "Go Stargazing" : « Not to be confused with the International Space Station, Santa's sleigh will appear as a bright star travelling at speed across the sky from West to East. Look towards the South West around 07:27 GMT, it will take his reindeer about 4 minutes to pull his sleigh across the sky before they fade into the Sunrise. » Credit www.facebook.com/gostargazinguk/posts/pfbid0E1vFFRp5eVB9BhA2HwxBqWVKXNMNei7JDh7MSzVpBqm1vukCiTRzrv5H7SeHkSC2l

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