With a stellar gain of about 4 magnitudes and being sensitive to wavelengths between 400nm and 1000nm, the OVNI Night Vision eyepieces push all the limits of visual observation. By placing them in front of a camera, it also becomes possible to use them for amateur & professional scientific research in many disciplines such as : astrophotography (Lucky Imaging...), photometry (occultations, variable stars...), astrometry (search and tracking of asteroids and comets...), spectroscopy...


For professional astronomers (space agencies, observatories, government projects...)

Our engineering department will study any request to design complete night vision systems or modular and fully adaptable intensifier tubes to be installed on ground-based telescopes or satellites.

OVNI Night Vision participates in space exploration missions requiring highly custom made photocathode, MCP (micro channel plate), and phosphor screen systems. Reach to us when you are ready for the best solutions : joko@ovni-nightvision.com

Space Objects Surveillance : For the defense of national and private interests in space. Our systems detects and offer real-time observation for active and inactive satellites, discarded launch stages and fragmentation debris orbiting Earth. Tracking of very small objects becomes possible to avoid collision.

UV, VUV and X-ray phenomenas : Our devices can study UV, VUV and X-ray phenomena across the galaxy. And will help to identify black holes, neutron stars, binary star systems or other objects emitting these rays. These instruments can be placed in geosynchronous orbit or installed in ground-based telescopes.

Near-Earth Objects (NEO) Localization : Custom image intensifier tubes contribute to missions specifically designed to provide science data and to make new discoveries. Like the discovery of many new, small comets, asteroids and other minor planet that can potentially impact Earth and cause damage.

Detection of high energy phenomenas : Our high quality MCP (Micro Channel Plate) are developed for detection sensitivity down to the single photon level, and with sub-nano second timing. Plasma, neutron, gamma, X-Ray or Cherenkov activity can be detected and analyzed with our systems.

Electric and Magnetic interactions analysis : OVNI Night Vision solutions will help researchers to identify and quantify electric and magnetic field interactions, such as aurorae and solar flares... Some of these phenomenas can be observed in the Earth upper atmosphere.

Study of planets : Tailor made image intensifier tubes can observe gravity waves, intense airglow or survey and map the atmospheric skies on earth. But also all other planets and dwarf planets in our universe, along with some of their moons.


Amateur astronomers can also contribute to science ! This animation was the APOD of February 9, 2021 on the NASA website


Here is an animation from Martin Fiedler (Germany) of the Crab Pulsar (PSR B0531+21) resolved temporally and spatially.

This Pulsar of 20kms in diameter has a rotational period of 33 milliseconds so it performs 30 revolutions per second.

Using an OVNI-M and a QHY174M-GPS camera, we can see here 1 rotation of the pulsar in only 33 milliseconds and the two beams of 5 milliseconds each.

More info about this animation : www.facebook.com/OVNINightVision/posts/10159023246331252