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Perseids meteor shower video with OVNI-M

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The Radebeul Observatory in Germany used their OVNI-M to capture this spectacular shooting star footage during the Perseid meteor shower in August 2023.

The All Sky view was achieved by adding 6.5mm and 21mm lenses in front of the night vision eyepiece.

OVNI-M and OVNI-B are designed to easily fit all types of lenses.

Video link : www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKNxc5sKpzI

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  • a few questions
    By: Omer Ijaz On 22/11/2023


    I was interested in learning about restrictions with regards to travel with the device. Are there any in and out of the US or other parts of the world?

    Separately, I own two telescopes that I would consider using the OVNI - M device with. An Astrophysics 130GTX (5inch triplet refractor) and a Questar 3.5 f/14 (3.5 inch Maksutov). Would only the refractor work with the device or would I be able to see much with the Questar too?

    I am a city dweller, live in London, I'm curious if the device would show me any galaxies with my limited aperture equipment (not a large dob). I am aware of the general performance excelling on Nebulae with an H alpha filter.

    Finally, when choosing FOM is there a comparison demonstration on the website. Curious what I can expect from each with my equipment in noise and in resolution, both at prime and using a televue 41 panoptic afocally.

    Thank you,

    Omer Ijaz

    Replied by: OVNI Night Vision On 22/11/2023 Dear Omer,
    You have excellent telescopes, the Astrophysics 130GTX will be the best of both for the OVNI-M.
    We'd be happy to answer your questions by email. Please contact us at joko@ovni-nightvision.com
    Or you can reply to this message by writing your email address (we won't display it).
    Thank you