OVNI-M is a 26mm eyepiece with a focal length of 26mm and a 1.25" barrel. It fits into the eyepiece holder of a telescope and you can observe through the glass part of the eyepiece.

It is thus possible to use it in afocal or prime mode with a barlow (to increase the magnification) or a focal reducer (to increase the real field).

With a weight of 240g and the top of its 10cm, it is intended for astronomers practicing visual observation. The OVNI-M is divided into 2 main parts:

- the monocular body (below on the left). It consists of a frontal lens, a central part (containing the intensifier tube) and an eyepiece with diopter adjustment.

- the intensifier tube (below right) integrates the photocathode, the MCP (MicroChannel Plate), and the phosphor screen (green or white) which provides a green image (for a green phosphor screen) or slightly grey-blue (for a white phosphor screen). The most efficient intensifier tubes such as those of the OVNI-M capture a wavelength ranging from 400nm to 1000nm and allow a gain of 2 to 4 magnitudes depending on the objects observed.


In addition, the OVNI-M can also be used with the naked eye without magnification for a walk in the Milky Way. It is then possible to observe large structures such as the Barnard Loop, the California Nebula, M8, M20...